All Staff Training

All Staff Awareness Products

In 2017, JESIP released new All Staff Awareness products for single service use.  These are designed for members of organisations who may respond to incidents.  These products are freely available for responder agencies to use.  We have produced both E-learning products and also a classroom product which delivers the same Learning Outcomes as the E-learning.

There is no national requirement for a Knowledge Check or any national minimum score.  We have included some Quiz Questions and Answers should organisations wish to use them.  


E-Learning Package

Please check whether your service have made this package available via your organisation's e-learning platform before completing remotely. 

To complete the all staff awareness package click here.


To download a version to run on your e-learning platform use the links below


Classroom Products

To download the version to use in a classroom to a group use the links below


Wider Responders

What wider responders need to know about JESIP...

It is really important for wider responders, partner agencies and voluntary organisations to be assured that:

  • There will be no change to the level, nature and timing of engagement with the emergency services.
  • All responders will benefit from improvements in how the emergency services work together at the incident scene because of JESIP.
  • A better coordinated and more efficient command structure will make integration of the activities of wider responders easier and more beneficial for all.
  • Other responders attending the scene should be familiar with the principles for joint working including how services will more effectively establish what is happening at the scene by the use of METHANE.
  • Other responders should also be aware of the Joint Decision Model so that they can engage in this process when required.

Other training products and support

To support any JESIP training, there are multiple tools to support learning including: