All Staff Awareness - E-learning


In 2017 we launched a new All Staff Awareness Product for all responder agencies to use.  This package is appropriate and accessible for staff in emergency services and other responder agencies.  The Learning Outcomes for this E-learning are identical to the 2017 Classroom Awareness Product. 

If you are an individual, you can run the All Staff Awareness package from the link below. 

PLEASE NOTE:  No records of completion are kept by us.  If you require a record of completion, please use a screen print of the last page. 


2017 All Staff Awareness (E-Learning) - View Info

If you are an organisation with your own Managed Learning Environment (MLE), then please use either of the two SCORM versions below.  The student experience is the same in both versions.  There is no national pass mark for the knowledge checks and you can use the knowledge check student data in line with your own organisational policy. 

If your organisation does not use an MLE but you do have an intranet, then you may use the Website version below.  The student experience is very similar to the SCORM versions although you will not be able to track student progress or completion with our product. 

*Police Forces:  The new product will be available on NCALT shortly.  We will update this website when this package is live in NCALT.


JESIP 2017 All Staff Awareness Product - E-learning versions


We have left the orginal JESIP Programme E-learning products live should you wish to continue using these.   We do not now have a separate Commander E-learning package. The new All Staff package is appropriate for Commanders also.   Follow the links below to the original E-learning pacakges:

Original E-Learning - View Info

Original Commanders E-Learning - View Info