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JESIP Joint Doctrine Edition 3

We are pleased to announce the release of the JESIP Joint Doctrine Edition 3!!!! You can also find on our website the new aide memoire, short guide poster and M/ETHANE animation...

Monday 11/10/2021
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JESIP NEWS Edition 33 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to bring you edition 33 of JESIP NEWS!!!  This includes an introduction to the new JESIP Strategic Lead for Fire, Chris Lowther and an article on Hertfordshire Joint Emergency Services...

Friday 27/08/2021
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Communications Tactical Advisor - spaces available

There are spaces available on the following Communications Tactical Advisor Courses 13-15 July Ryton CV8 3EN 24-26 August South Wales HQ Bridgend CF31 3SU 14-16 Sept Ryton CV8 3EN 16-18 Nov EPC...

Wednesday 12/05/2021
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JESIP NEWS Edition 32 - OUT NOW!!!

We are pleased to bring you the 32nd Edition of JESIP NEWS!!  This month includes an update on the JESIP Doctrine Review and information around the updated JESIP app....

Wednesday 28/04/2021
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The Joint Doctrine Review has now CLOSED

Thank you to those who submitted their comments, we look forward to reviewing them....

Monday 12/04/2021
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