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JESIP Launches Joint Organisational Learning (JOL)

JESIP meets the challenge of how services can learn from past events. During the Summer 2015, JESIP held a series of workshops to launch the new Joint Organisational Learning (JOL) arrangements. This was an...

Thursday 06/08/2015
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JESIP invited to The Hague

There is a growing interest in the work JESIP has done here in the UK and so when we were invited to attend the European First Responders Innovation Managers (EFRIM) Workshop in The Hague, Carl Daniels...

Tuesday 28/07/2015
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JESIP News - Edition 10 now available

Download the JESIP News here. It has been a while but following the launch of Joint Organisational Learning (JOL), the arrival of a new team and a mapping out a new work programme, here is the latest JESIP...

Thursday 25/06/2015
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JESIP Team Secondment Opportunities

Following the highly successful first phase of JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme), a small emergency services team will be in place from April 2015 to March 2016 to take forward the...

Tuesday 24/02/2015
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JESIP News - Edition 9 Now Available

From the summary of what the main two year programme achieved, the latest training numbers, the evaluation and workforce survey, to the plans for embedding locally, we hope you'll find this edition packed...

Friday 23/01/2015
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