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Revised JESIP App now available!

After the unprecedented success of the original JESIP App, we are delighted to announce that the new and improved JESIP App is available to download for free! We have listened and responded to...

Tuesday 07/03/2017
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Airwave Tactical Advisor Update Days Announced

There is a requirement for previously qualified Operational Communications Advisors (previously known as Airwave Tactical Advisors) to complete an update day within 18 months of course completion or at a...

Friday 17/03/2017
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JESIP release 2016 Self-Assessment Survey for Emergency Services

JESIP recently released the 2nd self-assessment survey to all contacts within the emergency services.  As part of the ongoing assurance activities reqruied by Government, the survey is designed to allow...

Friday 09/12/2016
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JESIP News Edition 16 - out now

We are delighted to bring you the latest JESIP News! In this 16th edition we round up all our main news and include updates about how specialist national doctrine is being aligned to JESIP as well as a...

Tuesday 08/11/2016
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Responding To A CBRN(e) Event: Joint Operating Principles for the Emergency Services, First Edition

The first edition of the <strong>CBRN(e) Joint Operating Principles</strong> provides guidance for the emergency services in how to plan, prepare and work together to respond to CBRN(e) incidents effectively....

Tuesday 20/09/2016
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