Operational Communications Advisor (Airwave)



The Operational Communications Advisor Course (previously known as 'Airwave Tactical Advisor' course) replaces previous single service training on this topic. The course was revised during 2016 and now contains the most up to date and relevant information. As is the ethos of JESIP, it will be delivered by a multi-agency training team and delivered to multi-agency audience to maximise the benefit for all attendees.

When trained, the Communications Advisor will be responsible to their operational and tactical planning teams, providing advice and best practice guidance on all aspects of the operational use of Airwave.

They will have a high level of understanding of the provisions made for the operational use of mandated and mutual aid talkgroups, together with the Airwave service requirements around major incident and event planning.

For them to be effective, the Communications Advisor must be invited to participate at the very earliest stages of major event planning and importantly be invited to assist where protracted spontaneous incidents are encountered in control rooms.

Please note this course will be aligned to the Emergency Services Network when appropriate.

Who Should Attend

The course is aimed at police, fire and rescue and ambulance services, as well as responder agencies such as Highways England and defence organisations.

Roles suited for this course are those working in a control room environment where they may be called upon to give spontaneous advice, or those from planning departments who will be involved with the pre-planning of events. This can include other roles where spontaneous and/or pre-planned advice is required.

Course Details

Full details of the course can be found on the College of Policing website but a course summary is available to download above.

How to Book

The courses are being co-ordinated by the College of Policing. Places can be booked by contacting deliveryadmin@college.pnn.police.uk

Some courses will be pre-planned and when dates are available they will publicised, however, if in any area of the country there is enough demand for a locally based course, the College of Policing may be able to work with a nominated contact and coordinate a course in that vicinity if the required number of delegates from a mix of organisations is confirmed and a suitable venue can be found. Please contact the College of Policing directly to explore this option for your area.