What did we deliver

Since 2012, JESIP has achieved more than any other attempt to improve emergency services interoperability.

The success lay in having the right level of support and oversight from both Government and the emergency services strategic leaders; a clear and well understood vision of what was needed along with a robust plan for getting there!

There is much more to do but they key achievements for JESIP include:

  • Developing and publishing an agreed Joint Doctrine – the foundation of JESIP
  • Aligning specialist doctrine to JESIP
  • Encouraging use of common language (use of the Civil Protection Lexicon), avoiding acronyms and jargon and better understanding of the roles, responsibilities and capabilities of peers through joint training
  • Establishing a national network of JESIP lead officers & trainers throughout all emergency services
  • Producing a library of high-quality training and awareness packages for all audiences
  • Sharing useful toolkits and templates for all organisations to use
  • Instigating the largest and most ambitious joint training programme ever undertaken by the emergency services
  • Completing a validation programme to test JESIP
  • Putting in place a system for the capture of lessons and notable practice from incidents (Joint Organisational Learning)
  • Beginning the journey to establishing a capability of commanders across all services operating to a national standard for the first time