Why do we need JESIP?

The UK’s emergency services are admired and respected all around the world for the excellent service they provide. They each provide a different service. They work to keep our country safe and secure as well protecting the public.

However, in our ever changing world they have to adapt to the demands placed upon them. This means they are working together, responding to emergencies on an ever increasing basis.

Drivers for Change

The findings from a number of reviews of major national emergencies and disasters made clear that the emergency services carry out their individual roles efficiently and professionally.

However, there were some common themes relating to joint working where improvement was needed - JESIP was established to address these issues:

  • Challenges with initial command, control and coordination activities on arrival at scene
  • A requirement for common joint operational and command procedures
  • Role of others, especially specialist resources and the reasons for their deployment, not well understood between services
  • Challenges in the identification of those in charge at the scene leading to delays in planning response activity
  • Misunderstandings when sharing incident information and differing risk thresholds not understood

We need to ensure that our initial multi-agency response to all incidents is more organised, structured and practiced. The emergency services need to ensure they constantly update their working practices and learn from events of the past… together… and not just in isolation. JESIP aims to help them do that.

EPC Pollock Report 2013

    The Pollock Report

    Early in the programme, JESIP commissioned the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College to research the persistent lessons identified relating to interoperability so we could gain an understanding of the issues.  The outcome of this research was the Pollock Report, which can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the right. 

    Staff Surveys

    Working with Skills for Justice, JESIP also commissioned research into the views of those working in emergency services with regards to interoperability before JESIP was implemented (2013) and then again after the inital JESIP joint training was delivered (2014). The results can be downloaded below:


    Workforce Survey 1 - Executive Summary (2013)
    (click image to open)

    Workforce Survey 1 -
    Full Report (2013)

    (click image to open)

    Workforce Survey 2 - Executive Summary (2013)
    (click image to open)

    Workforce Survey 2 -
    Full Report (2013)

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